Innotech Digital collaborates with Epson on media for SC-R5000

Visitors to Sign and Digital UK 2024 (25-27 February, NEC) will be the first to see the results of a collaboration between Innotech and Epson with a pack of  seven key media products printed on the SureColor SC-R5000 resin ink large-format printer.

“This collaboration pack featuring a selection of Innotech’s media range printed on Epson’s SC-R5000 showcases the compatibility between materials and machines and the wide array of print possibilities,” said Kieran Dallow, marketing manager for Innotech Digital.

Tom Owers, product manager for commercial imaging at Epson UK, added: “The relationship between media products and printers is critical and one that is particularly important for our customers looking to deliver a broad range of high-quality applications. Innotech’s products work really well with the SC-R5000, and they have produced some excellent samples that I am sure will be well-received at SDUK.”

The Innotech products being produced in the sample folder are:

- VistaMax E4100G PVC Free Permanent White Matt Greyback Vinyl 100mic

- Vistaflex SC450 Premium Frontlit PVC Banner 450g/m2

- Envirotech EF300 PVC-Free Banner 300g/m2 FR B1

- Vertex BA180 Glacier Backlit Display Textile 180g/m2 FR B1

- Vertex C280P Elements Polyester Canvas 280g/m2 FR B1

- Vertex W340 Premium Adhesive Wall Fabric 340g/m2

- Imagetech RU200 Polyprop Non-Tear Outdoor Poster Film 200mic



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