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Durst finds first Asian customer for its Rho 512R LED printer

J&A Imaging Station in Malaysia has become the first company in Asia to buy a Durst Rho 512R LED printer.
J&A Imaging, which bought its firs Durst machine - a P10 320R - six years ago, made a strategic decision early on to concentrate on the large format market, with a particular focus on soft signage. An important factor in the company’s latst Durst investment is brands’ demand for bigger retail displays requiring 5m-wide print. Jason Chor, owner of J&A Imaging, said: “All of the previously outsourced work between three and five meters wide has been brought in-house now. We are saving considerable amounts by printing in-house. The red colours on the Durst 512R LED in particular are an unbelievable quality. The wider benefits are new opportunities for extra international contracts and partnerships with other companies in other countries.”

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